About Us

G&G Tactical and Outdoors was founded in 2018 by Gil Baumgarten-Arias in Houston, Texas. Gil boasts 15+ years of professional selling experience under the mentorship of the best salesman he knows... his father. Fresh out of college, Gil jumped aboard the family’s business selling various office equipment and specialty machines and never looked back. A customer base ranging from individuals and small to medium size businesses to the Federal government, Gil approaches every sale the same: to meet the specific needs of his customers and exceed their expectations!

In 2016 Gil embarked upon the exciting new professional endeavor of selling tactical knives. Since then, he's continued to learn everything he can, from what knife collectors and enthusiasts want most in tactical knives to what details set the finest knives apart from the rest. Gil’s passion for selling knives coupled with his affinity for fine European craftsmanship led him on a quest to not only find the best European knife maker but also to form his own business focused solely on the sale of tactical knives and accessories.

In January 2019, G&G Tactical and Outdoors joined forces with LionSteel Knives – headquartered in the beautiful countryside of Maniago, Italy – to offer Americans a premium assortment of fixed blade and folding knives. As a result of his passion and proficiency in all aspects of knives, you’re sure to see Gil at knife events around the country. Whether the annual Centurion Event, Blade Show, or an event near you, if you run into Gil, please say hello and give him the honor of shaking your hand.

At G&G Tactical and Outdoors, our aim is to provide world-class customer service, a seamless buying experience, immediate shipment, and lifelong customer relationships. We look forward to serving you!

Gil Baumgarten-Arias, Founder
Gil Baumgarten-Arias, Founder